We do quite a few annual events here at Cat Country, but there is only one that my daughter demands I take her to:  Family Life Expo.  Sometimes I actually have some sort of job to do there, but we go whether I'm working or not.

I'm telling you this because sometimes kids aren't "cheap".  I only have the one to deal with and it's still not cheap.  This is something that kids legitimately enjoy and it's only $5 to get the whole family in.  If you've not checked it out before, you should. Plan on stopping by the Expo center at MetraPark this Saturday(1/12)  between 10 and 5.

I'm not sure how many years I have left of her being young enough to really get into Family Life Expo (terrible teen years are just around the corner), but I'm enjoying every second of her being this age.  If I can enjoy it for the price of an overpriced coffee, then that's all the better.

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