So finally the big Halloween holiday is here.  And hopefully today we can put to rest the age old debate...what tastes worst?  Candy corn, or a box of Good & Plenty?

Not that I have any hidden agenda against liqorice candy, but I guess I would have to say the "good" is really an exaggeration when it comes to Good & Plenty.    To be fair, I heard somewhere that when it comes to "preferred scents" to women, the cucumber ranked #1, and Good & Plenty was #2.  Weird huh?

Keeping with my tradition of only talking about the REALLY tough topics on my show, please comment below or call the show.  Here is what we found on Facebook...

  • Deanna Holle Good & Plenty is definitely worse!
  • Mary Ann Favory Johnson like both of these candies....
  • Joe Wesen Good and Plenty
  • April Klocker Good and Plenty... so GROSS!!!!!
  • Pamela Wolfe candy corn baby!!
  • Alex Gelsleichter-Everhart EQUALLY BAD!
  • Shawn Tucker good & plenty
  • Rita Moore Good & Plenty
  • Pam Self Neither, they are both nasty! LOL!
  • Kathi Pfeifle Candy Corn. I like Good and Plenty!
  • Bobbie Cheff Britton you're mean... they are both in my top favorite candies of all time!!! but Good and plenty is the tops!!!!!!!
  • Krynn Kelly Candy corn. hands down.
  • Rachel Johnson Love Good and Plenty, love licorice.
  • Candy Maldonado good and plenty.. taste like licorice (ewww)
  • Shannon Beckstead Kirkpatrick Good n plenty! Ick!
  • Brenda Ratzlaff Ick! Good and Plenty... If it tasted like red licorice maybe...
  • Gaye Kopczynski candy good and plenty!
  • Connie Bouslaugh candy corn is the worst...... I like good and plenty!
  • Clint Bump candy corn
  • Monica Stricker Are you kidding candy corn is z classical and I love good and plenty.
  • Scott Miller candy corn!!!!!!!!!!! good and plentys are so good :)
  • Natasha Bachman Tindall Candy corn!
  • Marcie Mullen Hummel They are equally disgusting but if I had to pick it would be Good and Plenty. Blace licorice is so gross!!!

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