While President Trump racks up one more victory on trade, Senator Jon Tester and Congressional Democrats continue to sit on another.

I've been on the road for several days over the past week and a half, but this is a topic that needs to be revisited, and didn't seem to get any follow up attention from most of the mainstream media in Montana.

There's really two major issues here. First, is Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) downplaying the US Mexico Canada Trade Agreement that was hailed by farm and ranch groups here in Montana as a good deal. Second, is Senator Tester making remarks in support of an investigation into the Biden family before later walking it back. (Both stories are certainly worthy of much more follow up, especially considering the latest news on Hunter Biden)

For the first question, why is Senator Tester downplaying the USMCA instead of working to pass it? From Montana Public Radio:

"There's probably not a person in this room who doesn't think China needs to be held accountable. The problem is that if you’re going to hold China accountable you can't do it alone. Not this day and age. You got to have your allies with you, and we don't. I don’t know how this is going to end up as a good story in the end. USMCA is going to get passed, I have no doubt about that, but it's not that much different unless you're a dairy farmer or you manufacture a few auto parts, it's not that much different than NAFTA. Are we going to end up going through all this misery for nothing? I'm concerned that that might end up being the case," Tester responded.

Plus, check out this answer Tester gave (and later walked back) when asked if the family of former Vice President Joe Biden should also be investigated. As Tom Lutey reported for Lee Newspapers:

“I think they need to be investigated like anybody else, but I don’t want China doing the investigation. I don’t want Ukraine doing the investigation. I want the United States to do the investigation,” Tester said. “I still have faith in this country.”

Afterward, Tester clarified to journalists that he wasn't calling for a Biden investigation, but rather stating that investigations are warranted anytime there is potential wrongdoing.

Instead of downplaying the USMCA, Tester and Congressional Democrats need to quit sitting on it and get the job done. As for an investigation of the Bidens: Tester answered right the first time. Then his handlers told him the answer he was supposed to give.

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