It was a pleasure listening to the Flakes this morning.  There aren't many morning shows in America that have survived three decades, multiple companies, and dozens of bosses, lineup changes, etc.  What's the reason they've lasted this long?  Sure, they're talented and yes they have done a lot for the community, but there are plenty of talented, helpful radio people out of work.  The reason they're on the air is because you want them there.  They've made a real connection with the people who tune in. It's the fans of the Flakes and Cat Country that have kept the station going all these years.

I've only been here for a few years, but they've been great years and I hope to have many more.  Thanks Mark and Paul for what you do and congrats to everyone who picked up some free Baskin-Robbin's cake today.

Ironically, someone randomly shared a Baskin-Robins fact with me today, so I thought I would pass it along:  Baskin-Robbins was almost Robbins-Baskin.  They were brothers-in-law . . . Burton Baskin was married to Irv Robbins' sister Shirley.  They each had ice cream shops, decided to merge in 1948, and flipped a coin to see whose name would go first.

I'm glad the coin toss went the way it did...Robbin's-Baskin just doesn't sound yummy.  Enjoy the cakes!

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