Does Humor Make Things Better?
Of course he's not happy about it and calls to find out what happened, after apologizing for their mistake, they did deliver the flowers, though a day late, with a note. I think the note is hysterical.
Happy Birthday To A Mom Of Many
As an only child, I am technically the only person that can call Shirley my mother. But having taught grade school for more than 40 years, giving nearly all of her free time to charity, and being the oldest of 17 siblings, there are way more people who call her "mom" than I'll ever know.
1988 To 2019, It's Cat Country's Birthday!
Starting with the Breakfast Flakes, listen every hour from 5am to 5pm to win a gift card from Baskin-Robbins 31 Flavors that can be redeemed at either of their two locations. See below for address. Mark and Paul will also be drawing for a $1000 Clark Marten gift certificate at 9:45am.
Dad's Birthday
Today would've been my dad's 78th birthday. Next month marks 3 years since his passing. No sad reflections today, just fond memories of the man who influenced my life and my choices more than any other person in the world. I quote him often and salute him every time I complete another new record run between here and Great Falls, or see an old car that I know that he knew a guy who had one just lik
My Dad
Happy birthday to my dad, Howard Mushaben who turns 96 today. I've carried this picture in my wallet since 1973 when he was at United States Steel. His priest summed it up best during one of his sermons about forgiveness. He said that none of us are perfect, except for Howard...
Happy Birthday
Cat Country turns 30 years old this week. March 1st is the big day. Join us this week as we reminisce about the past 30 years and talk about the remaining 22 months. See ya tomorrow at 5.
A Sewing Machine?
My daughter turns 8 in a couple of weeks and the ONE thing she has asked for is a sewing machine. When I asked her why she told me that she would be able to make Christmas presents for people. Wow. That made me proud, but something seems a little strange about the whole thing...

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