First of all, we have purchased two metal detectors that will be given to Shepherd School. Absolutely free to them from the Flakesgiving Fund.

After revisiting yesterday's blog, I would also add things like:

  • opening for President Bush when he flew in here and spoke at Metra,
  • graduation speeches we've given, and one very memorable, very high-speed trip to Jordan to speak in front of their Stock Growers.

We talked to one lady this morning that we gave a wake-up call to 23 years ago. We made somewhere in the neighborhood of 40,000 Wake Up Calls.

Aunt Esther was on Sanford & Son and NOT the Waltons.

The monkey that occasionally pops out of Paul now has a snow blower!

As I played songs from 1988 this morning, I realized how many of those artists quit having hits. The O'Kanes, The McCarters, and Foster & Lloyd, Baillie & the Boys.

We used to be Moose & Wheels.

Our 189th Redneck Battalion. Hats and bumper stickers, and membership cards.

Good times.

We are now starting year 32.

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