In this day and age, it blows my mind how many people feel like they deserve something for free. It seems lately all I see on Social Media is people complaining about this service or that service they received and mad because they didn't get the service for free or at a discount. The latest one was someone gripping about not getting a free drink or dessert for their birthday. What? Why would we expect to get something for free? And by the way, there is no such thing as free when it comes to goods or services. Someone had to pay for it to begin with before it was passed on to you. Have we become a I-want-it-for-free society?  Don't get me wrong, if a restaurant surprised you with a free drink or dessert, or offers a percentage off because it's your birthday or anniversary, that's awesome, but to be mad if they don't and challenge them about it (sadly, I saw this happen) what does that say about us?

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