Dear Cat Country Listeners,

As we slowly sneak up on Flakesgiving, we wanted to give you a heads up on some frequently asked questions.

The event will be at Metrapark again this year November 22nd & 23rd. Meal assembly is Friday, and we'll give them out and deliver Saturday. Volunteers are asked to be there at 10:15 on the day they can help.

We know that we've got several groups of volunteers this year and many more helping, but we can never have too many folks helping out.

Unlike some charities, Flakesgiving has very low overhead. Aside from paying our taxes and an accountant to keep the books, every single penny goes to feed hungry families. Mark and Paul don't take a dime and they never will. We create, distribute and deliver 1,500 complete meals. Each meal feed 5 - 7 people. It's the biggest event of its kind in the state of Montana.

All meals go out Saturday. Deliveries first (we'll need drivers to deliver), then the main giveaway at 12 sharp. If somebody needs a meal, they will get one if they come to the fair grounds. They are free and feed an entire family. Our goal again this year will be 1500 complete meals.

We won't take any delivery addresses until the week of the event which starts November 18th. If you know somebody that needs one delivered who can't come pick one up call the studio 248-5665 or the office 248-7827.

Let's hope for generous donations and some decent weather.

If you would like to donate money drop us a line at or call our business line at 406-248-7827.

Thanks. Mark & Paul.

Flakesgiving Mailing Address
PO BOX 1276
Billings, Montana 59103