I'm tired of sheltering in place and so are you. So I've found several things that we're doing now that I really like.

  • Parking at the clinic the other day was the best I've ever seen. I had an appointment to get my allergy shot. After you get it, you have to wait 30 minutes to make sure that you don't have a reaction. But, since they're only letting a few of us in at a time, the waiting room wasn't crowded.
  • People don't stand right on top of you at grocery stores. In fact, you get dirty looks if you get too close to people.
  • Traffic is nonexistent. Unless you went to the "Corona Cruise" in the heights Saturday night. That event was terrific and apparently, much needed. Let's do it again this coming Saturday night.
  • Golf courses are open. They are only allowing one person per cart. Perfect. Now I can focus on just my ball, which quite often has been hit to a place far, far from my cart partners.
  • And I'm seeing kindness that might not normally be there.

We're close to getting our lives back, albeit in stages spelled out by our government.

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