• Flakes Trip number 27 is going back to Secrets Akumal in January. In a way, we didn't have much choice in the matter because of less availability of flights to Jamaica, or the Caribbean. Which is a nice dilemma to have. Akumal is my favorite resort in Mexico. Don't know if we'll have single nurses again this year or not. But, trust me, they will be invited.
  • Thanks for the massive response to my inquiry about the Baseline School. I knew that somebody would know. And we even heard from the family that owns it and got the story.
  • It was announced this week that our mayor was going to run for reelection. I suggested that Paul should run against him. He can't of course, because he doesn't live in town. And he doesn't want the job. But I believe that the debates would be pretty fun to watch.
  • I struck out during the presale for Sheryl Crow. We'll give it another shot when the regular sale starts today. I think this show would have sold out anyway if it was held before the pandemic. But now I think people are desperate to get back to normal and do things like going to concerts. I wish she would add a second show. I'll probably end up watching her through my binoculars. Again.
  • Paul and I had quite the conversation this week about pork chops. Not only is he never going back to California. He is never ordering a pork chop when he goes out for dinner. We all have our "things." Mine is mayonnaise.
  • And I hope you were listening to us this morning a little before six because "we know."

Good stuff. Have a great weekend.

A Taste of What a Flakes Trip to Mexico is Really Like

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