Every fall I start getting asked if I'm getting excited about the annual Flakes Trip. And I always explain to people that my year is broken up into segments. And, for me, the fall is all about doing our trip stop-bys, the trip giveaway, and Flakesgiving. And then a little R & R in December. Gotta "use or lose" any remaining PTO...

But now, we're back. And the Mexico getaway countdown has begun. And so has the packing.

Very. First. Item. Packed: Advil. And I'm talkin' the big bottle.

Can't you buy some at the resort? You sure can. But their gift shop isn't open 24/7.

The second item is Advil PM. I can't believe that I occasionally need a sleep aid, but I must be old now.

Next is sunscreen. (My daughter used to call it sun SCREAM when she was little). This is another item available in the gift shop, but it's expensive down there. And, being that I'm light-skinned, I have to have me some protection.

Next in the bag goes the drink coozies and inflatable drink holders. Nothing says "vacation" like your cerveza floating next to you when you're kicking back at the "Quiet Pool". Those of you looking for the "party pool", go down by the ocean and listen for drunk chicks screaming.

Next, I'll need one pair of long pants and enough socks and underwear to not embarrass myself before the week is up. Those last two very important items can not be purchased on site.

I don't play much cribbage anymore but I still bring the same board because I got my only "29" on it while playing in Mexico. And I'm also bringing "Left, Center, Right" so bring your one-dollar bills, suckers!

After that it's enough t-shirts, hats and my shaving kit.

And lastly, all I need is a ride to the airport.

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