Originally published Nov. 15, 2021.

Call it karma, call it whatever you want. This weekend we had our Flakes trip give-a-way party and it was awesome. It was packed wall to wall with the greatest people you could ever want to meet. We had absolutely the best time, a rowdy crowd with tons of fun, games, and antics.

When I arrived at 6:20  the place was already rolling, drinks and food everywhere. When I started heading to the stage to put all the gear and props I brought for the night in the place, some women I never met grabbed me by the arm on the way up. I stopped and greeted the table, thanked them for coming, and as I was proceeding she said here is a donation for Flakesgiving.

Credit: Mike Sutton, Townsquare Media
Credit: Mike Sutton, Townsquare Media

She said she knew we were going to be busy but wanted to give us that right away in case she didn't see us again. She made it then her point to thank us for all the things we have done for people in the past and said how lucky Billings was to have us. Actually, we are very lucky to have people like that whose trust we have earned enough that they just stop you and start handing you money for your different projects.

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All in all the night was one of the best we ever had. When it finally got down to the last three you could feel the tension and excitement. Then down to the final two and then finally the ultimate winner. A trip for two to Akumal Mexico with 147 others. Oh by the way the winner, Tina, was the first one to give to others that night with her Flakesgiving donation at the beginning of the night......... and now you know the rest of the story.

A Taste of What a Flakes Trip to Mexico is Really Like

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