When you go on trips to a different country like we do, the big question for many is "What to eat?"

So much of the food that you are exposed to in Mexico is foreign to many in Montana because it's not just beef every night. The thing that kills me is when Montanans go into a restaurant while in Mexico and they order steak or a double cheeseburger and expect it to be as good as here at home. Heck no it won't be, what did you expect? You're in Mexico; have the homemade guacamole or the Mexican poached eggs, really good.

Mexican coffee is something that is really good too. Now, if you like Folgers, they can't help you, go to Bozeman. They have it there.

If you like seafood they have some pretty good seafood down in Mexico of course. In fact, if you go fishing they will even clean it for you and the chefs will cook it right there. If you don't think it's as good as the McFish or whatever you get back in America then go to Lockwood and get one.

The point is, when you go to a different place like Mexico it is nothing like home. I try to tell the people all the time, "Go experience the culture!" The stuff you like back home will be waiting for you when you get back.

Plus if you like Mexican food like I do, there is always something to satisfy the palette. And the little gal that makes you the custom omelets in the morning on the Flakes trip is the bomb.

Plus the chickens that quit laying eggs in the morning end up in the enchiladas in the evening and I love those too.

See ya in a few days. Adios!

A Taste of What a Flakes Trip to Mexico is Really Like

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