For those of us who don't watch sports too closely, you may have been surprised to hear about the stunning upset victory by the class B Lodge Grass Indians over the class A Hardin Bulldogs. I wasn't.

Here's why: We put together a special Christmas Eve radio show here in Montana featuring former NFL player Tuff Harris, and Lodge Grass Basketball Coach Josh Stewart.

I ran into Tuff last Fall and asked him how everything is going out on the Crow Reservation, especially in light of COVID-19 impacts on the community and the schools. Tuff then told me how impressed he was with community leaders back in Lodge Grass, Montana, leaders like Coach Josh Stewart. It was more than just his skills on the basketball court, it was his faith on and off the court that helped lead this basketball team all the way to the state championship last year.

I gotta talk to these guys on the radio. That's what I said at the time. We made it happen for our special Christmas Eve show.

I realized over the weekend that we never did share that audio with our listeners/readers who might have missed it. So here you go, for those who missed it, here's our conversation with Tuff Harris and Josh Stewart:






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