So the first Monday of October is here, and it was today in 1960 that TV's "Andy Griffith Show" premiered.  Solving problems, sharing advice and smiling at the camera, TV sitcom dads are the idealized vision of what many American guys want to be - or wished they were.

According to a Harris Poll, no one did it better than "Cliff Huxtable."  Bill Cosby's 1980s character came out on top in a recent survey of nearly 2700 adults.


The Top 10 TV Dads - Harris Poll


  1. "Cliff Huxtable" - The Cosby Show
  2. "Ward Cleaver" - Leave It to Beaver
  3. "Jim Anderson" - Father Knows Best
  4. "Andy Taylor" - The Andy Griffith Show
  5. "Ozzie Nelson" - The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
  6. "Mike Brady" - The Brady Bunch
  7. "Howard Cunningham" - Happy Days
  8. "Charles Ingalls" - Little House on the Prairie
  9. "Ben Cartwright" - Bonanza
  10. "Tim Taylor" - Home Improvement

Who's missing from this list? What about "Fred Flintstone," "Danny Williams" (from Make Room for Daddy), or I Love Lucy's "Ricky Riccardo"?  How about the "edgier" characters such as "Fred Sanford" (Sanford and Son), "Archie Bunker" or "Al Bundy" (Married with Children)?  Let us know who your favorite TV Dad is in the comments section below.

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