It’s time for the Samuel Adams Octoberfest Classic. This is your chance to form a team of four of five of our closest friends, download the entry form from our web site and golf at some of the best mini golf holes Billings’ bars have to offer! For cash prizes no less.

Top prize for the Samuel Adams Octoberfest Classic  is $750, 2nd is $500 with 3rd being $300…not too bad for an afternoon of fun.

A portion of the proceeds from the Samuel Adams Octoberfest Classic will go to benefit the Tumbleweed organization here in Billings, Montana.

Our registration party will be hosted by our friends at the Stadium Club, starting at 9:00 am you will join us for some early refreshments and registration details. Once you've made the Billings wide circuit, we will all meet up again at Smittys (formerly Montana Chads) for our 19th Hole celebration!


Now there are few stipulations you need to adhere to:

  • Everyone on your team needs to be 21 or over.
  • One player on your team has to be designated as the driver for your team. That means they absolute cannot partake in any alcohol during the event. We will have an off duty Police Officer checking all designated drivers and if your team’s has been found to be drinking at all – You will be disqualified from the event. We hate to be so hard, but we want to be safe as well as have some fun.
  • You cannot leave the bar you are golfing at with any open containers, this too will result in a team disqualification
  • Every team must have at least 5 members and no more than 6.
  • Each golfers stroke will be counted by a bar representative, they will initial your card. At the end of the event you will turn in your card – any missing initials means your team will be awarded a maximum score per golfer for the hole.

Team registration is $75 for a team of 5 players. You may add an additional golfer to your team for $20 more.

The Samuel Adams Octoberfest Bar Golf Classic will have you traveling to the following local Billings locations:

The Stadium Club

Tiny's Tavern

Old Chicago

The Play Inn

Reno Club

Alpine Casino


The Den





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