The votes are in and the public overwhelming says it is willing to pay to see Billings Mayor Tom Hanel tasered.

At the close of business Thursday, results from our poll, which was conducted on all four Townsquare Media stations in Billings -- NewsTalk 95.5, Cat County 102.9, 103.7 The Hawk and PopCrush97.1 -- were decisive. We asked readers, "Would you buy a $5 raffle ticket to taser the mayor?" About 45 percent of respondents said yes; 20 percent said no and 45 percent of respondents said they would buy 10 tickets to see this happen.

To be fair, it wasn't an original idea.

One of our contributing writers, Rick Roddam at our sister station, 103.7 The Hawk, was fascinated by the idea he heard about in a town outside of Des Moines, Iowa. There, a local politician agreed to get tasered for a charity.

So, on Wednesday, I asked Billings Mayor Tom Hanel if he would agree to get tasered to help raise additional money for the Billings Clinic Classic.

"It would be a lightning experiment," Hanel said. "I don't know about standing up and taking a taser hit, head on.  I would have to think about that one."

Within minutes, I received a text message from Robin Hanel, the mayor's wife.

"Where do I send the money to taser the mayor?" she texted.

Pay careful attention to what the mayor did and did not say. He did not say, "No."

Keep those votes and comments coming.

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