Hey, guess what? I'm finally in! If you listened this morning, we were having trouble getting into our computer. I had to change the password yesterday, and between then and this morning, all hell broke loose. Long story, but I had to get clearance from the company to get back in and reset it again. Ok, I'm good now, so we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Just think, folks, about how much of your life is now run by passwords. A recent article we had last week said that the average person has 100 different passwords for things. How is a person supposed to keep track of all that? It's impossible if you follow password etiquette.

The experts recommend creating a password with at least 16 characters. They say longer is stronger. Second, make them random. Two ways to do this are to use a random string of letters, numbers, and symbols. Third, make them unique. Use a different strong password for each account that you have.

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Did you get all of that? Now multiply by 100, and you are finally secure. Where do you keep all of those passwords? Because no one can remember 100 of those at least 16-character things. You can't store them anywhere because if someone gets ahold of them, you're screwed.

How did we get along in the old days with banking and bill paying without all of these passwords? Can you imagine what the nuclear codes are that Joe Biden has to remember? That's even scarier.

See ya tomorrow at 5!

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