Walking to lunch today in Downtown Billings I found this flyer. They're looking for people who want to photograph butts (or have pictures taken of their butt), blog about butts or paint a fine butt. The contacts, Zach and Yaz, certainly have come up with a unique idea for a periodical but will it be profitable and have mass appeal?

Here is the text from the flyer pictured above: "We are a group of mature individuals and we are absolutely fascinated by butts (God knows why). So we are inspired to create a strictly platonic magazine about butts and we need everyone we can get. You might be asking yourself, 'well, what can I do'? The answer? ANYTHING! If you have some grand ole' writing skills and would like to write about butts, then do it. Can you paint like Picasso? Then paint a butt for us. If you are comfortable enough with your body (ie. your butt) we are doing funny, concept, NON-SEXUAL butt photo shoots and we need all the butts we can get. If you have any slight interest in our project for the magazine, please contact us and tell us what you can contribute. It is a great opportunity for a group of funny, artistic and intelligent people to put their interests together and make multi-paged work of elegant art."

If they really go through with this I have a few suggestions for naming their magazine: Exit, Colonoiselle, Popular Buttography, Fanny Fair, Posterior Afficionado. You're welcome.

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