My son played his 11th, 9-10 Majors, Baseball game last night and won 16-2! That makes it 11 games in a row to make them undefeated!  Way to go Team Fuddruckers!

I know the time could come when they lose a game.  I'm actually dreading it, really, after this kind of streak. But they are not only doing great, they are winning with class. Well, as much as a bunch of 9-10 year old's are capable anyways.

They high five at the end of the game and tell the other team's that they did a good job.  They even visit afterwards with some of their friends on the opposing team and the families. I have to say, their coach(and his two assistant coaches) are really  doing a wonderful job with them.

Tara Nicole

But if you see their coach, please don't tell him I said so.  It's "Top Secret" that I think he and his coaches, are doing a great job. Plus, I would get grief to no end, if he found  out! Ha, ha!  It's a baseball thing.

Well practice tonight and game tomorrow, I'll try to keep you posted on how it goes.  Wish us luck and no rain!

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