It's not unusual for our temperature to have some extreme fluctuations this time of year.  103 on a Saturday and 65 on the following Monday.  This weather can cause some heated thermostat wars at homes and offices across the state.  Not just battling over a few degrees, but whether or not to switch from A/C to heat.

Personally, I'm the type of person who is typically hot.  I like the thermostat on 68 year round and sleep with a fan on regardless of the temperature.  In the times in my life where I've actually had to share my home, this has actually escalated into some serious debate.  To me, the logical thing would be for the person who is cold to grab a blanket, a hoodie, or whatever it takes to warm up.  If I'm roasting my only option is to start taking things off...which is rarely appropriate at home and never appropriate at work.  Even with this perfect logic I find myself having to walk to the thermostat every few minutes to put things back to normal.  68 is (or at least it should be) the definition of Room Temperature.  If you're one of those people who feels the need to crank the heat up when the outside temp drops below 70....STOP IT!



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