What is the saying?  Two wrongs don't make a right?

Well two rights don't make a left when it comes to a pair of shoes or boots.

Has this ever happened to you?  Be honest if it has.

I decided that I would drop a few bucks and buy a par of dress boots that my daughter said looked good on me.

I slipped the right boot on and it fit like a glove, so I thought, I've worked really hard and deserve a pair of new boots.

I grabbed the boots off the shelf and headed to the checkout.

I planned to wear them for the first time to work today, but when I put them on, well I tried to put them on, son of a b&$#@ to my surprise and yes more than a little anger, they are both for the same foot.

Yep they are both for the right foot.

Now most people would have probably tried both of them on before they bought them, not me, little miss got to be in a hurry, because I'm not a big fan of shopping.

So now I have to go back and return on of the boots.

Lesson learned, always try both shoes/boots on before you buy them or those boots won't be walking like in my case.