One thing about my family and I is we love wildlife. Moving to Billings almost a year ago has only increased those feelings.

Last Fall we had herds of deer and other animals roaming through the yard. I actually almost hit one in my pickup when I got off work one night. Just about spilled my milkshake! I also saw turkeys walking down the sidewalk awhile ago which was pretty cool.

Well we have new visitors this Spring and the kids and I are loving it.

I pulled in last night to see a pheasant run across my driveway and he brought friends. I have seen him multiple times but can never manage to get a picture because he is so quick.

His friends though? I was finally able to get a picture of his friend the duck last night as he was leaving to go back in a wooded ares behind our house in the Heights.

They are elusive little buggers which shoes for their survival skills. If I am struggling to take a picture then predators missing out on the meal...even though both the duck and the pheasant look delicious enough to have on my table. Just saying.

The thing about Montana is this is going to continue to happen and that is just fine with me...except for bears.

What is the strangest animal that has paid a visit to your home? 248-5665