As a Radio Personality, I never really know what kind of an impact I can have on someone's life...especially the littlest of listeners.

What's even more amazing is how a listener can impact my life...especially the littlest of listeners.

Last Friday (10/14) I was broadcasting from Boot Barn. As I was getting ready to do my first break I noticed a nice lady holding a little baby girl that was fussing. As I did my break the little girl stopped fussing!

When I finished the lady (Stephanie) came over told me the little girl's name is Maevyn and she is her grandma. Apparently little Maevyn listens to my show on a regular basis...and it shows. When she heard me doing my break she apparently recognized my voice and stopped crying. When I talked to her face to face she started smiling at me. Stephanie assured me that she thought Maevyn recognized me somehow. This absolutely made my day!

I wouldn't let little Maevyn get away without holding her. There is something so special about a baby and this little girl was extra special.

What a sweet little girl!