Time to play another fun round of "Blog-aroke"!  Do you think you know the song and artist for these "Blog-aroke" lyrics?

Well try your hand at these lyrics and see if you can guess my "Blog-aroke" song of the week!

Well I was sitting in a bar room when I took a lil' dip
Drinkin' beer and talkin' but I had no place to spit
So I spit a stream out on the floor
The bouncer flung me out the door

Do you have it yet?  Well it's kind of an older one, but from a true country music star.  Here's one more hint, just in case.

Wikipedia says this about our mystery artist:

He was an Americancountry musicsinger-songwriterbronze sculptor and rodeo champion. During his career he recorded 36 albums (many self-released) which have sold more than six million units in the United States as of January 2007

Can you guess now? Comment below and let me know who you think it is!

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