Hey Cat Pack! We're ready to hook you up again in a very fun way. Have you tried the the MSTY App? It free and easy to use, not to mention it's FUN! Download MSTY now and get ready to win just in time for Christmas.

Once you have MSTY, send us a message of your most creative "Show Us The Lights" MSTY message at 406-272-2271. It can be just about anything from your holiday. Show us your decorations, your Christmas lights, the neighbor's dog wearing antlers, it's up to you! Just send and you could win.

If you're the winner, you'll be seeing an amazing Christmas show with Darlene Love at Alberta Bair Theater. It's bound to be a great time and we want you there!

Get the MSTY App, send us your most creative holiday message and get ready for an amazing Christmas show? Sounds like a great time to me.

Good Luck!

The winner will be announced December 8th.