The recent news about a new medical school on the west end could not come at a better time. The U.S. population is aging and more medical care for people is imminent. We are so short of doctors and specialists we cannot keep up with the demand. I happen to know a little about this (yes, Shelly) because my son is a doctor and will be an Orthopedic Surgeon soon. When he applied (his second time) there were over 4000 applications. They only had room for 140, that's it. Just think, 4000 students who wanted to be doctors and couldn't even get the chance to see if they could cut it.

It's not easy and it's a long road to payday but anything we can do to help more people get into medicine the better. If people only knew the sacrifices and the work that goes into being a doctor( and expenses).  I think they would have more appreciation and gratitude toward them. I know I do, and I'm so very proud of my son and others who choose this career path. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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