It's no big surprise eggs, coffee, and cereal are the top three items Americans enjoy for breakfast. But a new survey shows we're only eating the most important meal of the day three times a week. 13 percent say they hardly ever start their day with food.

A study conducted by OnePoll, posted on, revealed some other interesting facts about our breakfast preferences and personality traits.

Savory breakfast fans, who like bacon and eggs, are more likely to prefer rock music, science fiction, and cats.  They're also more likely to be night owls and hug people a lot. Those who prefer a Sweet breakfast, like pancakes or waffles, are more likely to get up early, have a social life, like dogs and pop music.

Here are a few other breakfast stats:

  • People who eat breakfast work an average of 50 minutes longer before they need a snack break.
  • 42 percent of those studied admitted to preferring crisp bacon in their morning meal.
  • 46 percent choose a breakfast sandwich to fuel their day.

Morning nourishment is key to raise your energy, creativity and focus. You’ve been fasting while your body has been busy rebuilding and repairing during sleep. -Rebecca Scritchfield, dietitian and exercise physiologist.

To see the full survey, CLICK HERE.


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