An online survey regarding the COVID-19 vaccination that's being conducted by RiverStone Health will be taking submissions through Friday, January 15, according to a press release from Yellowstone County's public health service.

The online survey is anonymous, and more than 3,000 individuals have already completed the questions as of Monday (1/4), with results promising to show how much of the Billings community is interested in receiving the vaccine.

RiverStone Health is encouraging all residents to take the 5-minute survey, which they say will help in the planning of vaccine distribution.

Vaccines are now available in limited quantities local for health workers, senior living center residents and first responders. The supply is expected to increase, gradually making safe, effective vaccinations available to more Yellowstone County residents in the first months of 2021.

Some of the questions in the online survey ask if you will get the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it becomes available, and "in what setting would you feel most comfortable receiving the COVID-19 vaccine."

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Results of the survey will be reported as "totals that don't identify individuals," according to the press release.

To take the COVID-19 Vaccination Survey from RiverStone Health, CLICK HERE.

On Tuesday (1/5), the Unified Health Command (Billings Clinic, St. Vincent Healthcare, RiverStone Health and Yellowstone County Disaster and Emergency Service) issued a response to Governor Gianforte's reprioritization of the COVID-19 vaccine.

According to the press release, U.H.D. reports "thousands of healthcare workers and first responders have been vaccinated in Yellowstone County" in phase 1 of the vaccination plan, and will continue as scheduled. "The next step will be to schedule vaccinations for vulnerable residents as outlined in Governor Giantforte’s reprioritization of phase 1B," according to the U.H.D. press release.

The ability to vaccinate individuals remains dependent on the unpredictable supply of vaccine, and we are committed to being good stewards of this precious resource by timely administering every dose received in accordance with state guidelines. -Unified Health Command

UM Legislative News reports that Governor Gianforte also plans to repeal the facemask mandate that was put into place by former Governor Bullock. In the report, Gianforte said no changes would be made until practical guidelines are in place while also stating he would continue to wear a mask, and encourage other Montana residents to "do the same."

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