There will never come a day when you're happy with everything your tax dollars support. There will always be something that is at odds with your religion, your morals, or your common sense. I was doing some quick searches to see what kind of things us workin' class Americans have supported over the years and here a few of my favorites:

  • The complexities of the male duck's corkscrew shaped genitalia. I am so grateful that we taxpayers chipped in to solve this mystery. I mean, why is it corkscrew shaped? Why isn't mine? Is there something wrong with me? Here's $349,000 to find out.
  • Haycations - A group of farmers got $60,000 to help make farms more of a tourist destination.  Yep.  Haycations.
  • Predictable College Drinking Habits - This was a great 5,000,000 dollar investment.  We needed to find out if college students drank more on game days...*SPOILER ALERT* They do.

It's not hard to find ridiculous stuff like this.  A quick google search will give you seemingly endless stupid things that tax dollars support.

So what can you do about it?  Not a whole lot, but you can at least control some by making a tax deductible donation.  There are some restrictions, of course.  e.g. must be an acceptable organization, you must actually donate cash or property (not just pledge to donate), etc., but if you can move at least a few dollars out of the duck junk column and into the St. Vincent's Pediatric ICU column, I think it's a win.

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