If you live in the city, do you sometimes take a drive to get back to the country and take in nature?  The open fields and hills are speckled with wildlife.  I have been hearing a lot lately from neighbors and friends that there is a fairly large population of antelope that graze here within the city limits.

I live in the Heights and we have about a half dozen or so antelope that are always wandering through our neighborhood, grazing on lawns or the golf course.

I, for one, love that they are here and have no problem with them spending a little time to sample the lawn.

I grew up on a farm southeast of Havre on the Hi-line and miss seeing wildlife.

I get that these wild animals eat your hedges and flowers that you spend money and time on and want them to be beautiful. And, I can certainly appreciate the frustration.

Is the wildlife in the city limits a nuisance or is it welcomed?

Wouldn't be great if we could all, human and wildlife, live in harmony and give each other some space?

If not, then let's just have Paul take care of them. After all, he is not a big fan of Antelope.