We're on a 12 game hot streak it seems! Wow, is all I've got to say!  I couldn't believe it!

The game tonight was a close one though!  Team Fuddruckers came out and scored 2 in the first to take the lead from Team Absolute Vinyl.  Then in the 2nd, Team Fuddruckers scored 2 more runs!  In the 3rd inning Team Absolute Vinyl scored a couple runs to keep the game close.  This went on, back and forth until Team Fuddruckers finally won the game with a 10-6 win!

It was a great game and a close one as well.  Not to mention that the weather was beautiful and the parents on both teams proud of their kids!  You've got to love baseball! Way to go Coaches!

The next game is coming up this Saturday and I can hardly wait to see how it all plays out.  My son might even be pitching!  He's great at the positions he plays, but he's super excited to pitch! Let's "Play Ball"!

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