I was switching back and forth yesterday on the TV. I was watching and flipping between the FedEx Cup and the Little League World Series. I was rooting for both Hawaii and Rory McElroy to make up six strokes on Scheffler.

Golf went to a commercial, so I turned back over to baseball. And just as I changed channels, they were introducing players. I remember in the past they ask these kids who their favorite baseball player is, but this year, in addition, they asked them their favorite food, rapper, and emoji. Really?

I thought maybe I'll start doing that when I meet people.

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On every Flakes trip, I meet people from other states and they ask questions about our group at the resort (140 people from Montana?! And they all listen to your show?!) That is usually followed by a description of how our show operates. Then I brag about Flakesgiving, metal detectors, and dog house parades.

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But from this point on, I think I'm going to change it up. When I meet somebody that doesn't know me, I'm going to have them get to know me by telling them my favorite emojis.

"Hi, my name is Mark, and I like the 'cool' emoji (the little yellow face with sunglasses) and the $ sign."

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

And people are going to say things like "Wow". Whadda ya think?

Single ladies, that means no more cheesy pickup lines ("Hey, your hand looks heavy. Would you like me to hold it?"). Now when I meet somebody interesting, we can skip right to Sheryl Crow trivia.

I think my new Little League World Series approach is really going to be a hit.

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