Nearly everyone is on some form of social media today. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin, or all of the above, we are a connected people in more ways than any of us even realize.

A study from Ohio State University has revealed something that we all should have been aware of long before now.

Without using any words, your profile photo tells others a lot about you.

Whether you're smiling, goofing off, holding a beer bottle or wine glass, sitting alone or pictured with others, your profile photo is enough for viewers to form an instant impression of you.

Your profile photo is so powerful that it will actually negate descriptions you have posted about your personality. For example, if your photo shows you at a party having a great time in a large crowd, viewers will think of you as an extrovert -- even if you post online that you're not a big people-person. The exception is when a photo is out of the ordinary or shows someone in a negative light.

In that case, people do use profile text to help interpret what kind of person is shown in the profile.

Just remember, whatever you post can benefit you or come back to haunt you. I have known people that did not get good jobs because of what was on their Facebook page.

Just a little something to think about.

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