The word "unfriend" came up during this morning's conversation. According to, it means "to remove (a person) from one's list of friends, or contacts on social media."

I thought the word might have been too new to be in there but I was wrong. I don't think their definition is 100% correct either.

Have any of you ever been "unfriended" by someone you dated? I know a couple of gals who did it to me after we quit dating. I didn't know that I was being "unfriended" at the time. I just thought that maybe the new boyfriend didn't want his lady talking to old boyfriends.

As to the unfriending I did this morning, I ditched a couple of "haters." These keyboard warriors and I vote differently. I have several Facebook friends that vote differently than I do, but I keep them as friends because I like to see their take on political issues. But this morning for some reason, I'm just tired of the hate.

Hate is something you control and it's something that I don't care to read about on my social media platforms. After the "unfriending," if I run into these people at a restaurant, I'll still say hello but I just don't care to have it all over my Facebook page.

I'm focusing my hate on things like my golf game. I hate that I can't break 80 when I play. I hate it when I hit a tree. I hate that golf is only 18 holes. I hate that I can't golf in every single month.

I don't hate you or who you voted for.

And finally, hey, country music, somebody should write a song with "unfriend" in it. Alan Jackson had a hit with "WWW.Memory" for crying out loud. "Unfriend" should be no big deal.

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