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Today is the anniversary of Saskatchewan and Alberta becoming the ninth and tenth provinces of Canada in 1902. I asked Paul to name three others. He couldn't and that got me to thinking about how little that I know about Canada. I should know more because it's only a few hours north of us.

But I'll give you a few tidbits of what I do know about our northern neighbors.

  • I have friends who have gone on fishing trips there. When you cross the border, they check your vehicle and limit how much beer you can bring.
  • I also understand that you can't transport pistols that some keep in their vehicles.
  • My grandmother took us all to Cardwell, Canada back in the 1970s. She had a company there that made her dentures more affordably than she could find anywhere in Montana.
  • I went from Missoula to Calgary in the winter of 1986. Me and another guy were picking up our girlfriends up at the airport. They had both been exchange students in France for several months. The trip was four hundred and eleven miles. Most of the trip, the roads were snow-covered. We couldn't afford hotels in those days, so our eight hundred and twenty-two mile round trip took twenty-two hours.
  • I'd like to go into Canada above Glacier Park into the Banff area and see how pretty that is someday.

Other than that, the only Canadian knowledge that I can share with you has to do with Molson-Coors.

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