What Mark Knows About Canada
Today is the anniversary of Saskatchewan and Alberta becoming the ninth and tenth provinces of Canada in 1902. I asked Paul to name three others. He couldn't and that got me to thinking about how little that I know about Canada.
Pot In Canada
As of today pot is now legal in all of Canada, anywhere you go. It should save their government billions because now no one will need health care. Remember, pot is the most universal cure all for all things. Just ask all the growers in Billings with no medical background or medical degree...
Montana's Most Googled Question
These days when you have a question you don't go to the encyclopedia. Today we jump on Google.
It's almost funny what questions come across people's minds.
Now, thanks to Google we now know what the most popular searches are for each state...
Billings' Athlete Of The Week Winner! [Audio]
It's finally here! Our first Athlete Of The Week!
I would like to send a big congratulations to Brittney Burleson for a job well done in the toughest sport on wheels. Roller Derby. These ladies are as tough as nails and it shows in every bout...
Dozens Of Gunshots In Ottawa
There were "several shooting incidents in downtown Ottawa" Wednesday morning, according to Ottawa police. The shooter or shooters have not been identified, though at least one is believed to be deceased.
$450 For A Pizza Seems Reasonable
There's a pizza company in Canada (those crazy Canadians!) that's selling a $450 pizza!  If you order the "C6" your pizza will be topped with thermidor of lobster, black Alaska Cod, and be served with a side of Russian osetra caviar.  Now if that's out of your price range, for just $120 yo…
Garth Brooks Added to Canada’s Calgary Stampede Lineup
While Garth Brooks has been enjoying his time performing in Las Vegas, the country legend is heading north to Canada to be a part of the Calgary Stampede’s 10-day music festival this July. The Stampede, a non-profit organization that works to promote Western values and heritage, is most well known f…