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So yesterday the attorney general in Louisville held a press conference and gave a step-by-step account of what transpired during the Breonna Taylor shooting. The sequence of events was different than what CNN, MSNBC, Oprah, and others led you to believe. By the way, I have heard no retractions from their initial reporting. Her death is tragic, but it was not premeditated murder of a woman because she was black.

Last night two Louisville policemen were shot during the riot. Now, were these police purposely shot because of their color? Did CNN, MSNBC, and others tell you that the suspect is a Black man, Larynzo Johnson? If anything was premeditated, maybe it was this. After all, who goes to a peaceful protest with a loaded handgun?

We need to pray for Breonna Taylor and her family and also the police officers shot while protecting Louisville. Please watch the press conference or read it here and you'll realize this was a tragic event that happens to all races and nationalities and it won't be the last either. No matter what we do we will never stop all tragedies in life. Ever. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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