It's a battle at the pump constantly and even though things have eased up a bit, it is still a tough road.

When I was a kid I remember my parents filling up the family vehicle for $0.79 a gallon. Before my dad passed away, he talked about how gas prices were $0.05 a gallon and when it hit $0.10 he described how people were really upset when that happened.

According to Gas Buddy, Billings' lowest gas price as of the report is $1.53 at Costco. My father's parents would roll over in the grave knowing that price. I remember not too long ago when I lived in Boise how the price was well into the $3 mark. Now that was hard for me to take.

You want to talk about luck at the pump? How about what happened in Toledo, Ohio?

A computer glitch caused the gas price at one gas station there to drop it's price to $0.26 a gallon for roughly three hours. Apparently this station and another across the street were in a gas war and when it went to adjust it's price accordingly the glitch happened.

Can you imagine if this happened in Billings? Cars and trucks would be lined up for miles as the station would try to resolve the issue.

If you drove up on a gas station and the price read $0.26, how you would react?

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