I was telling Mark this morning that I need to make a quick run to Costco. I think I would be well advised to go before the big move.

Did you know that Costco has 128 million members? The largest store is in Oahu of all places and they do remarkable business.

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The average Costco store does about 192 million dollars worth each year. Would you like to guess the number one selling item? Kirkland toilet paper. They sell over a billion rolls per year.

If you compare Costco to a larger supermarket, they don't offer nearly the different products a supermarket does. They only carry about 4,000 different items, while a store like Walmart may have up to 30,000. Their marketing and research show them what the most popular items are.

The average Costco customer goes there 23 times a year. They pick up on average 9 items and the average bill is 114 dollars. That's less than I thought but if you go frequently I get it. California has the most stores with 131, Texas is second with only 34. Costco employs over 300,000 workers and they make about 225 billion dollars every year.

It still falls dramatically shorter in those categories than Wal-Mart. They have 2.3 million employees and do over 600 billion in sales each year.

That's a lot of yoga pants. I think I just talked myself out of a trip today...

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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