We've got a couple of young ladies on my street who sell lemonade a couple of times every summer. One of my favorite excerpts from "Life's Little Instruction Booklet" says, "Buy whatever kids are selling at their stands."

I interviewed one of the gals about how much you get, how cold it was, and the price. The price was 24 cents per glass. "Why 24 cents?" I asked. She said, "Because I just thought there should be a four in there somewhere." Brilliant!

My little sister did those when we were kids. Except hers was a Kool-Aide stand in those days. I was very upset to find out that there was no discount for family members.

I saw an article that talked about how Country Time Lemonade will pay your kids' fines if they get busted for selling lemonade. It's apparently illegal to do so in 35 states.

I don't know the law in Montana as it pertains to lemonade stands, but, if my neighbors get busted, I will pay all associated court costs and give them unlimited air time.


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