I was messing around on our website the other day and saw something that piqued my interest on the Cat Country VIP Club. It a $350 Airline Gift Card and even though I can't win it, you can.

It's no secret that we have been getting our fair share of snow and colder temperatures in Billings lately and the view of that plane made me want that card, too, so I could just fly away somewhere warmer for a few days.

Hawaii sounds really nice this time if year. I have friends that live there but have never been there myself. If not Hawaii, maybe down to Arizona to visit with my nephew and his wife.  I haven't seen them in awhile. Or maybe out to San Antonio to see a few other friends.

Heck, with $350, I could get a good start to just about anywhere.

Like I said though, being an employee of Townsquare Media immediately knocks me out of the running for this and all contests. That's why I thought I would share it with you so you could have a little fun.

Take a minute and think. If you won this Airline Gift Card, where would you go?

This sky is the limit.

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