In an attempt to save my grass from the deadly "wee" attack my Boston Terrier is putting on it, I purchased what could end up being a $20 box of rocks.

People smarter than me report it's the high nitrogen levels in dog urine that act as a concentrated fertilizer and kill grass when dogs use the same location over and over.

There are a variety of remedies to keep your yard from looking like a sick leopard. The simple fix is having your dog "go" in a different location every time. Supplements that helps balance pH level have also been proven to work. Since I'm not following my dog around the yard all day and I definitely would forget to give a daily pet supplement when I can't remember to take my own Flintstone vitamins, I decided the best option would be 'Dog Rocks.'

This half pound bag of naturally occurring para-magnetic igneous rock from Australia claims to be "100% Natural & Proven" and helps remove tin, ammonia and other impurities in dog urine that burn these unsightly yellow patches into the yard.

According to the directions, all I have to do is place rocks into the dog's water bowl and replace them every two months. This will immediately stop new lawn spots from appearing and promises a noticeable improvement in problem areas within 3 to 4 weeks.

I'll give you an update in about a month to let you know if it works.  By then the grass will more than likely be covered with snow and dead anyway.

Photo: Johnny Vincent