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Let me start by saying that the guy who has never been married is now going to give his expert opinion on relationships and marriage. This ought to be good, right?

I've been having conversations lately with friends of mine who are happily married. In fact, some of them even LIKE each other after all the years together.

Here is what I'm hearing from most of them. "At this point, if my significant other left me or died, I don't think that I'd remarry."

It's hard for me to weigh in because I've never taken the plunge into matrimony. It's been my experience that the earlier in life that you marry, the more likely you are to stay that way. Not every single time. But, of the married folks that I know, that's how it works.

And I've had a few friends that I've tried to talk out of marrying each other. The bad ones are usually the easiest ones to see not working out.

My dad was a prime example. He married three times and didn't get it right until number three, Cheryl, who he ended up married to the longest. If something would've happened to Cheryl, his joke was that he'd "have a date for her funeral." Some folks don't like to be alone. My dad was one of those.

So, here are my questions:

  1. How long have you been married?
  2. If your current significant other was gone for some reason, would you look to remarry?
  3. If you would actually remarry, do you know now who it would be?

Smart people won't answer that last one.

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