A new study was out today and finds that the younger generation is not interested in marriage anymore.

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Is Marriage Outdated?

40% view marriage as an outdated tradition. 34% of individuals age 15 or older have never been married. Some say the cost of getting married is too expensive. The average cost now is about $30,000. Well, that's all bull, it's only that expensive if you want to make it that expensive.

1 out of 6 says they will never get married. 85% say marriage is unnecessary for a fulfilled and committed relationship. 47% of those surveyed feared getting divorced so they don't want to marry.

If You Aren't Ready, Don't Do It

I'm glad that many of the younger generation are not getting married because they are in no way prepared or responsible enough for it. When you live day to day and have nothing solid in your life yet when it comes to a career or job it's only going to make things worse.

The power company doesn't care how cute he is and how much in love you are, you still need to pay the bill. So many of the younger generation are not yet fiscally responsible enough to take that step either.

Education Is Important, Too

Plus another factor is how they were educated. Some teachers and professors will try to steer them in another direction. Be an activist instead of a parent, if children come it will only impact this planet even more.

Ask Kamala Harris, she said we need to reduce the population not add to it. The survey is right in one regard, marriage isn't right for everyone especially if you are not seasoned and mature enough for it.

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