This has been a question I have been wondering that could either help or hinder our community if Amazon ever decided to come to Montana.

Let's be honest, Bozeman is becoming a huge hub for not only travel, entertainment and more in Montana and more companies are looking to become a part of our community. From tech companies to new businesses are vying to get into the Gallatin Valley and be a part of our lifestyle. The thing is, what if one huge company decided to come to the Gallatin Valley with a huge endeavor.

I am talking about the possibility of Amazon building a fulfillment center in our area. The Seattle-based company has fulfillment centers in Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, and Washington and has been adding these centers nationwide. With a huge area like Montana to cover, it would make sense for them to build one in the Gallatin Valley. Why? Well, The Gallatin Valley is centered perfectly between Billings, Great Falls, Helena, and Missoula and would be a perfect hub for the center. That would make life easier for deliveries to go out and be quick.

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The only thing is, where would you build this fulfillment center? These are huge buildings that need a lot of property. So Bozeman and Belgrade would probably be out of options but maybe on the far side of Three Forks, next to the junction to Helena. That would be a perfect spot for a fulfillment center.

Now, why would we want a fulfillment center? Well everyone uses Amazon here but a fulfillment center would also provide a large number of jobs. The thing is Amazon is also known for paying extremely well at these fulfillment centers too, which would help a lot of struggling people here in our area.

So my question to you is, would you like to see a fulfillment center built in the Gallatin Valley? Vote below.

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