My boss is not from Montana, he lives in the big city of Portland. Every time I talk to him he asks me what I’m up to here in beautiful Montana. I’m always telling him hunting and fishing stories, most of which he finds humorous. He also is amazed at some of the things we Montanans do that his employees in other states wouldn’t dream of doing.

That got me to thinking about just what does make us Montanans unique? From that question, I’ve compiled a list of answers. Here they are.

You may be a home grown Montanan if...

You know what a whistle pig and a speed goat are.

You’ve been skinny dipping in a local body of water.

Elk is your main source of protein.

Your kids aren’t allowed to have birthdays between the first Saturday in September and the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

You call in sick to work when the flies are hatching.

You know what a skwala, midge and a wooly bugger are.

You’ve eaten rhubarb like licorice.

You’ve been on a “vacation” to see the Berkeley Pit.

You have dead animals hanging on your walls, sofa, head board, above your baby’s crib…

You’ve given or received a hunting rifle or a skinning knife as a Christmas or birthday present.

You own at least one pickup.

Half of your closet is camo.

Your most expensive clothes are camo.

You trained your dog to find sheds.

Your dog or child is named Hunter, Ruger, Winchester, Colt, Kimber or Remington.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of the University of Montana, animal lover and writer.