Last year I got my mom a Christmas present that she not only loved, but used all the time.  It's called Tile and it's basically a tracker that you stick on items that you frequently misplace. I'm not as bad as she is, but I did spend a couple of hours the other day looking for my keys...a rare occasion, but extremely annoying.

Yesterday I was in Best Buy and saw the Tile on display for $20.  I don't remember what I paid for the gift last year, but it was a pack of three and was considerably more than the $20 deal you can get today.

I already knew they worked since my mom has been using hers for her phone, wallet and keys for several months, so I didn't hesitate to pick one up.  Hopefully I'll never need it, but my brain seems to be getting duller in these areas as time goes on, so we'll see.  At this point, it's a cheap insurance policy.

I'll leave it up to the official site to explain how they work, but the highlights are that you pull up an app on your phone and hit the Find (whatever) button and the appropriate Tile will start playing a song.  The app also has a map to show you where the item was last seen (useful in case you've left your wallet or something behind).  They also work in reverse to find your phone if you're close enough.  Press a button on the tile and the phone plays a song.  A nice bonus.

I'm in no way being compensated for this's just some handy info I thought I should pass along.  You can learn more about the Tile system here.  If you're constantly looking for someone (or helping someone else in your life look for something), they're a life saver.

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