Are they listening to us?

Or are they spying on us? I was freaked out this morning by some things that happened while we were on the air. We started out the morning with a story of my power going out last night. It went off at about 6:00 p.m. and didn't come back on until midnight.

Credit: Sigmund on Unsplash
Credit: Sigmund on Unsplash
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We talked about how I always wanted to get one of those big 26,000kW generators for backup power because it happens so often. Not 15 minutes later an ad for Generac generators showed up on our Facebook page. Coincidence, right?

It couldn't happen twice, could it?

Later in the morning, we started to talk about winter vacations and the various destinations that seem to be popular this time of year. One of those places is Alaska and I said, "For some, if you tell her you want to go to Alaska in the winter you would get a black eye." Alaska cruises are for the summer.

Credit: Robert Thiemann on Unsplash
Credit: Robert Thiemann on Unsplash

Guess what? Not ten minutes later an ad for Alaska cruises showed up on Mark's Facebook page.

Coincidence, or not?

We both have our phones in the control room at all times and we are also active on the computer all morning. Are they monitoring what we say and do? I thought Congress passed something about that in recent years.

Hard for me to believe that just happened and had nothing to do with our topics. Scary if you ask me. I'm guessing we'll get a bunch of sleep aid ads next.

We'll see you tomorrow at 5, I think...

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