Living in Billings sure has its perks but because of our location and population, we do have serious shortages of things. We do have a shortage of MRI services in Billings; if you ever need one it takes a while. Billings really could use more grocery stores, maybe Rosauers or Kroger or something. Our stores are always packed and shelves lack inventory. Billings has always been short on restaurants compared to other cities. Any evening out usually requires a wait.

The real shortage is in flights in and out of Billings. We are so far behind and are held hostage when it comes to price. One thing that we are not short on is banks. More and more of them pop up every day; we have so many banks. Another thing we have is massage parlors. They're everywhere. I didn't realize that there were so many people out there that have bad backs.

From what I understand, from a reliable source, we really could use another golf course as they seem to be full most days. How about this one: another place or satellite location where you can get your plates and title work done, maybe in the heights.

What we don't need is a new horse super barn at the Metra, but we do need more ways in and out of there. And starting soon in Billings, we will need more addiction facilities to deal with the problems that are about to come. Related to that, we're short of places that sell growing lights--that will be in big demand soon. So, you see, we have advantages and disadvantages too. Oh, and one more, we could use more ammo here. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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It's not news anymore that Billings is a great place to start a business. Just look at the new businesses that have popped up in the last two years, and businesses are continuing to start or expand here. Even though just about any business would be great to have in our community, there are a few that we think Billings could use.

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